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Overview of our services

  • company parties
  • wedding reception (up to 20 persons)
  • animal feeding
  • sports (football pitch, fishing in private lake, campfire)
  • bicycling
  • wine tasting in Hulata’s winery.
  • winter time  – skiing in Němčičky.


You can cook food in your apartment (each apartment has cooking plate). Apartment Pedros has oven. You can borrow a gas grill. You can buy food in Starovičky, in Horní Bojanovice or in Hustopeče.


Hotel Kurdějov (menu here),
Barrio Gotico Cafe (menu here),
pizza here.
We recommend visit Hulata’s winery in Němčičky.


Tourism, bicycling


Tourist destinations

You can find them in: www.vyletnicile.cz (all South Moravia region), www.lva.cz (Lednicko-Valtický areál), www.hustopece.cz/tipy-na-vylet (Hustopeče).


Bike paths


For LVA region: www.lichtenstejnske-stezky.cz

Bike path André: https://www.livetouring.com/cs/track/cyklostezka-krajem-andre

 For runner: you can run along our farm. Path is lenght about 2 km.